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The Firm also represents clients in bond proceedings throughout the United States. Immigration law is complex and not everyone in immigration detention is eligible for a bond.  When ICE detains a person, ICE determines whether the person will be released on his own recognizance; grant the person a bond or detain the person in one of their detention facilities throughout the United States.  For those individuals that ICE detains and who are eligible for a bond, to schedule a bond hearing the person must do two things: (1) file a Motion for Redetermination of Custody and (2) complete a “bond packet.” The Motion is a formal document asking the immigration judge to schedule a hearing to redetermine a person’s detention.  The bond packet is a list of documents containing information about the person, his or her sponsor, and evidence demonstrating why the person deserves release from ICE custody.  The Firm works closely with the client’s family to secure the information necessary for their loved one’s relief.

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