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What is a removal proceeding? The United States Department of Homeland Security can “remove” (which is another word for deportation) a person that is not a United States citizen. Before the government can remove a person, that person is entitled to a hearing before an immigration judge. Here, they have the opportunity to apply for immigration relief to prevent his or her removal. Moreover, the government is required to provide the immigration judge with the reasons why the government is seeking his or her removal.  The person has a right to retain an attorney to contest his or her removal from the United States. The Firm represents clients in removal proceedings where the Firm evaluates the case to determine the types of relief available to the noncitizen.  This would include filing a petition to terminate removal proceedings, raise defenses, like racial profiling, or present forms of relief to prevent removal.  The latter includes, but is not limited to, cancellation of removal, asylum, adjustment of status, and voluntary departure.  The Firm works with the client and the client’s family to gather the necessary evidence and information to present to the immigration judge to prevent their removal from the United States. 

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